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“My music is the expression of all my experiences"

“My music is the expression of my lifes experiences .”

Growing up in Detroit. Dodging cars, running from dogs, jumping fences, kicking trash cans  M-80s, Blockbusters, Vernors, Silvercup Bakery, Belle Isle, Tiger Stadium and Motown! These were the influences that shaped the musical uniqueness of Eddie Watkins Jr. Seeming to always be in the right place at the right time Eddie at the tender age of 17 became one of the youngest session musicians in the history of Motown playing bass guitar on recordings with the Temptation, Marvin Gaye and other Motown artist. When Motown moved from Detroit to Hollywood Eddie, now with a young family to provide for followed, moved to Los Angeles and became one of the most sought after session bass guitarist in town. Riding high on celebrity, accolades, money and a host of other excesses led to substance abuse and eventually recovery. As a result of recovery Eddie began to ask deeper questions about the purpose of his life. A new clarity and vision emerged. “How May I Best Serve?” His mantra became his life. Eddie had served 3 years in las Vegas as musical director, 3 years at CSL Seattle as Director of Music Ministries. Eddie continues to write and produce amazing music, perform and speak all over the country lifting the vibration everywhere he goes.  “This is by far the most amazing time of my life” ~ eddie 


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